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Premise: Sherwin (Rob McClure), the best man at his best friend’s wedding, arrives at the ceremony just in time. Unfortunately, this is when he discovers that he has lost the ring. Fortunately, Sherwin has secretly been working on cracking time travel, but may have just opened himself up to a world of trouble…  

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Review: Producer/Writer Stanton Nash’s script comes from a place many of us have been. On the verge of making a monumental error with no way to stop yourself except to turn back time and thwart the plans of your younger, idiotic self about to walk headlong into disaster. What his script so deftly illustrates is that the monumental mistake that you’re about to make is trying to stop the monumental mistake that you’re about to make. Get that? Neither did we the first time. If you can 100% get the time travel mechanics that drive the plot the first time out, you may well be a genius. If you are a mere mortal like us, then you will probably stumble onto the crowning achievement of this sci-fi/comedy, that being that it is so damn entertaining and intrigues you with the twists of Sherwin’s paradox-creating time travelling so much, that you won’t stop watching until you get it.

Teaming up with director Sam Buntrock’s great eye for character comedy as well as pain-staking attention to detail, we are given more than enough relatable drama as well as bride-zilla comedy (not to mention some very important clues and foreshadowing) to hook us before the very serious consequences of a desperate decision start to reveal themselves. One of the most likeable accomplishments of this film is that even as the stakes and the tension begin to ramp up, Buntrock refuses to ditch the comedic style that charms you into liking the film in the first place. Moreover, this is done in a way that does not take away from the tension and drama that begins to unfold. Sherwin’s unreliable and clumsy demeanour slowly gives way to focus and a steely determination to undo the damage that he has done, and like any good movie, it is this character journey that ultimately keeps us rooted to the story and rooting for our hero.

We are given plenty of clues early on that Sherwin is not the most reliable guy. His best friend, Daryl, has friends on standby in case Sherwin messes up his best man duties and even the bride amid her freak-out reveals that Daryl has had to “put up” with him. As this is all we really know about Sherwin, it takes a special kind of actor to get us to empathise with the guy who forgets the ring. Enter Rob McClure, who’s brilliant performance seems to somehow merge the self-witticisms of Steve Carell and the nervous gait of Woody Allen. That is, until things start to heat up, which is when he is able to channel that nervous disposition into desperation, which in turn becomes very a very driven determination.

Between this performance and the pace set by director Buntrock who pulls quad duties as director, DP, producer and editor, we get a story that builds to a gripping crescendo that will leave you wanting to watch the movie so many times, you may feel like you’re in a time loop of your own.

Studio: NinjaSticks Year: 2014 Genre: Sci-Fi Duration: 22 mins Suitability: Advisory - Some scenes may be unsuitable for younger viewers

Cast: Rob McClure Ruffin Prentiss III Sam Tedaldi Clara Wong Crew: Director: Sam Buntrock Producer: Sam Buntrock, Tony Marion, Stanton Nash Writer: Stanton Nash  



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